Amelia Foxwell is an ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Therapist, with 15 Years of Experience

Amelia Foxwell is a psychology professional, who has worked with many reputed firms at various positions. She has worked as a Community Liaison at Deaf Referral Services from Jan 1996 to Jan 2000. Later, she served as the Project Manager at Epicurean Life from Jan 2001 to Jan 2007 and then from Jan 2008 to Jan 2011 as an Advisor at Novus Investigations. After this, she became the Director at Veterans Landing Zone (Feb 2015 – Nov 2015), then ABA Therapist at V.B. (Jul 2015 – Feb 2016) and presently, she is working as an Instructor at Z7 Tactical, since Jan 2011. As an ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapist, she has 15 years of experience of training and working with children having autism.

Being a psychology professional, Amelia Foxwell specializes in several areas, where she works with the survivors who are a victim of violence, torture and trauma. She collaborates with a diverse group of professionals and helps in building up empowered communities of the survivors. They help in facilitating their renormalization into the society. She is skilled in Psychological Assessment, Counseling Psychology and Rehabilitation Psychology. In addition to this, she is proficient in the use of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Mat LAB, and more.

Amelia Foxwell is the director of McArdle Center, a recognized and well-known center for early autism intervention. At the center, they provide services for children between the age group of 2 and 8 years diagnosed with the autism spectrum disorder. Apart from this, she is involved in a lot of philanthropic work. In 2016, she received “Volunteer of the Year” award by Chesapeake Charities. She has also invested a lot of time and efforts in serving the wounded veterans, in cancer research, disaster relief efforts, community garden and recreation center for city youth, and projects coordinated by the Governor’s Office of Community Initiatives.