Amelia Foxwell is the Director of The McArdle Center, Which is First of its Kind in Mid-Shore Area

Amelia Foxwell is the director of The McArdle Center for Early Autism Intervention. She has more than a decade of experience of training and working with children suffering from autism. The center is first of its kind in Mid-Shore area, providing services to children with autism from age 2 to 8 years. The children are provided assistance according to their level of autism.

Amelia Foxwell is a psychology professional who provides essential support and help to the survivors of violence, torture and trauma. For the renormalization of the survivors into the society, she works with a group of professionals to build their empowered communities. Since 1996, she has served many reputed firms such as Deaf Referral Services, Epicurean Life, Novus Investigations, Veterans Landing Zone, and V.B. Currently, she is working as an Instructor at Z7 Tactical.

Amelia Foxwell is involved in a lot of philanthropic work and has received the Volunteer of the Year award for her commitment and spirit for community service. She started volunteering at an early age in her life. She assisted members of the Deaf Community while accompanying her parents to Baltimore City. She has also devoted substantial time and energy on cancer research, projects, disaster relief efforts, and injured veterans.

Amelia Foxwell Strives To Bring a Positive Change in the Lives of Autism Struck Kids

Amelia Foxwell is the director of McArdle Center, a well-known center for early autism intervention. It provides services for children between the age group of 2 and 8 years diagnosed with the autism spectrum disorder. She has been working with children with autism for more than fifteen years. As a psychology professional, Amelia specializes in the areas of violence, torture and trauma. She also works with a group of professionals to build empowered communities of survivors and to facilitate their renormalization into society.

In 2016, Amelia Foxwell received “Volunteer of the Year” award by Chesapeake Charities at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club in Stevensville. Having a passion for making a difference in their communities, she supports a wide range of charitable causes such as education, health and human services, animal welfare, and the environment. She received this prestigious award for her impeccable work with the members of the deaf community, wounded veterans, disaster relief efforts, cancer research and, most recently, children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Amelia Foxwell is skilled in Psychological Assessment, Counseling Psychology and Rehabilitation Psychology. She is also proficient in the use of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Mat LAB, etc. Some of her other skill-sets include data analysis, teaching, event planning and management, public relations, social networking, leadership, team building, and more.

Amelia Foxwell Is the Director of Mcardle Center

Autism is a neurodevelopment disorder that brings about a range of challenges in social, repetitive behavior, speech, and non verbal communication. According to statistics, one out of every 68 children in the United States is struck with autism.

As an initiative to support and provide services to autism struck kids, Amelia Foxwell along with her colleagues started McArdle – a center for Early Autism Intervention. It is the first of its kind in the Mid Shore area. At the center, each child is evaluated according to his/her stage of autism. Their level of autism is rated and guidance is provided according to how much assistance they need. Amelia has more than 15 years of training experience of working with autistic children. She is a psychologist specializing in survivors of violence, torture and trauma.

Amelia Foxwell has obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from University of South Florida, and Masters Degree in Applied Psychology from Sacred Heart University. Currently, she is a Doctoral Student in Research Psychology. She has worked with a number of firms since 1996. She worked as a Community Liaison at Deaf Referral Services, Project Manager at Epicurean Life, Advisor at Novus Investigations, Director at Veterans Landing Zone, ABA Therapist at V.B. and Instructor at Z7 Tactical.