Amelia Foxwell Devotes Her Time to the Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

With more than 15 years’ experience of working with children suffering from autism, Amelia Foxwell is a distinguished psychologist. She was honored with the award of the Volunteer of the Year by Chesapeake Charities on November 17, 2016. She was awarded for her efforts, time and energy that she had put in for several years for community service and volunteerism. She is highly specialized in dealing with the survivors of violence, trauma and torture. Currently, she is devoting her time to the children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

She started volunteering at a very young age when she was accompanied by her parents at the Deaf Community in the Baltimore city. Since then, she has been volunteering communities set up for the wounded veterans, cancer research and disaster relief efforts project. Moreover, she supports the projects coordinated by the Governor’s office of Community Initiatives, a community garden and recreation center for inner city youth.

She volunteers a foundation in ABA and trauma with a diverse group of professionals to build empowered communities of survivors and facilitate their renormalization into the society. Her focus of therapy includes work therapy, mindfulness, positive psychology and community structuring. She is highly interested in all opportunities that enable helping people find a secured place in the society they can thrive in.

Amelia Foxwell is the director of non-profit focused on building strong features for returning service members and their families by providing transitional housing, community support and career and health resources.

She has worked as a Project Manager at Epicurean Life from January 2001 – January 2007 where she has developed inventory protocols and trained management staff in computer systems. Amelia has also organized special event, has developed, and implemented programs to provide a more cohesive management structure in the four companies within Epicurean life. She started her career as a community liaison at Deaf Referral Services from January 1996 to January 2000 where she provided community support and advocated for mental health resources for members of the Deaf Community in Baltimore city. She worked with the caseworkers to provide constructive communication with deaf clients and helped ensure personal empowerment.


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