Amelia Foxwell Is Acknowledged For Her Active Involvement in Community Service

Amelia Foxwell is an ABA therapist having an active involvement in community service. On November 17, 2016, Amelia was honored with the award of “The Volunteer of the year” by Chesapeake Charities. She was awarded for the efforts, time and energy she had put in for several years in community service and volunteerism.

Amelia Foxwell started volunteering at a very young age along with her parents at a Deaf Community in the Baltimore City. Since then, she has been actively volunteering for communities set up for wounded veterans, cancer research, and disaster relief. She also supports projects coordinated by the Governor’s office of Community Initiatives, a community garden and recreation center for inner city youth. Currently, she devotes her time to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Amelia Foxwell is a psychology professional specializing in survivors of violence, torture and trauma. She volunteers for a foundation in Applied Behavior Analysis where she works with many other professionals to empower the communities of survivors and equip them to normally settle back in the society. Her main focus is on work therapy, mindfulness, positive psychology, and community structuring. Currently, she is working with the McArdle Center for early autism intervention. At The Mcardle Center, children between the age group of 2 and 8 years diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder are provided with services for improvement. Each child is evaluated according to his/her stage of autism, and then their level of autism is rated and guidance is provided according to how much assistance they need.


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